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Subject of photograph is possibly Sir Robert Rex (1909-1992), first premier of Niue.

Recipient is Resident Commissioner in Niue

Addressed to Mr McEwen

MA thesis, 1965

Symposium on land tenure in relation to economic development

Letter describes work being done by the Maori and Island Affairs Department regarding land registration in Niue

Letter queries the dates of Clare's proposed visit to Niue

Handwritten notes

Hand-written notes

Marginal notes in Ron Crocombe's hand

Historical capsule of Micronesia, prepared for Peace Corps trainees in Micronesia

Handwritten notes

Extract from unknown publication

Author is Indonesian ambassador to the United States. Extract from unknown publication

Extract from unknown publication

Pre-contact economic systems, reading list

Extract from unknown publication

Extract from 'Land tenure in the Pacific' by Ron Crocombe

Extract from 'Development from below - anthropologists and development situations', 1976

This paper was published under the title 'Rural development in New Guinea', March-April 1974, and also under its present title in 'Third National Conference of Directors of Agrculture, South Pacific Commission, Noumea, March 1974.

The ideological base: pre-contact traditional land tenure in the Pacific

Notes from Goldman's 'Ancient Polynesian Society', chapter 22, pages 476 onwards

Report and recommendations


Assessment of teaching history at USP

Assessment of teaching history at USP

ANZAAS conference presidential address

50,000 years of New Guinea History

Fifth David Rivett Memorial Lecture of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

USP course book

Incomplete notes and scraps. Handwritten and typed

Photocopied pages from an unknown work.

Lecture notes for Course 121: problems of plural societies. Notes taken from 'Custom and culture in Africa', Blackwell, 1963

Chapter 24 of an unknown book

Behavioural Science, volume 6, number 3, 1961, pages 205-221

Chapter 13 of 'Government and power in West Africa'. Faber and Faber, 1969

Chapter 17 of 'From Politics, personality and nation building', Yale University Press, 1962

Lecture notes

Marjorie Crocombe was awarded a D. Litt. at this event. The programme contains biographical details.

Pacific History Class visiting Arai-te-tonga Marae. Lecturer; Prof. Ron Crocombe

Note attached 'A memory of our evening discussion! Kind regards Sabine'
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