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Photos in white envelope

Photos in yellow envelope

Cook Islands Herald, 10 June 2009

Addressed to Frances Topa-Apera

Incomplete photocopy

Possibly slides from a presentation

Photographs and details of successful students

Photocopy from unknow newspaper

Mangaia Island and Puna Plans, 2014-2018

Pacific Arts Association conference programme

Art exhibition and workshop programme

Dissertation for the Diploma in Town Planning, University of Auckland. Contains maps and photographs

Author was Deputy Vice Chancellor, USP

Cook Islands News, 20 June 2009

Cook Islands News, 13 August 2010

USP Beat, volume 8, number 7, August 2010

Special edition of Cook Islands News, 26 June 2009

Conference held at USP 12 and 13 August 2010

Service held in National Auditorium 24 June 2009

Author is Emeritus Professor Law at USP, Port Vila

Service held at USP, 28 July 2022

Cook Islands News, 30 July 2022

USP Plus event, 14 March [no year], moderated by John Hay

Addressed to Rod Dixon

Handwritten and typed

Presented by the chairman J. S. Thomson to Ratu Sir George Cakombau, Government House Suva

Student essay

Student essay

Student essay

Handwritten and typed

Student essay

Student essay

Newspaper article

Student essay

Student essay

Extracted from the consulting report on 'Non-industrial problems of the Bougainville copper project, 1967'

Student essay

Pacific Research and World Empire telegram, undated

News of Micronesia, undated, 1977
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