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Cook Islands News, 5 August 2000

Islands Business Pacific, August 1993

Architect Stuart Hugget comments on Pacific island buildings. Islands Pacific Business, March 1994

News of Micronesia, undated, 1977

Sociological Review, volume 21, number 4, 1974.

Islands Business Pacific, April 1992

Mentions 'Pacific Way'. Islands Business Pacific, April 1992.

Marginal note 'Review of ´┐Żlise Huffer's course

Photocopied pages

Review by Gordon McLauchlan (NZ Herald 17 May 1997) inserted

Tahiti-Pacifique magazine number 158, June 2008

Pacific Magazine, August 2004

Extracts from an address to the Social Science Teachers' Association 6th May 1971

New Zealand Conference on Development Assistance, 20-21 July 1990, Wellington

Handwritten note

The author considers his role as priest and politician

Pacific History Class visiting Arai-te-tonga Marae. Lecturer; Prof. Ron Crocombe

Marjorie Crocombe was awarded a D. Litt. at this event. The programme contains biographical details.
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